Monday, October 25, 2010

ESSO card from the city to look into the need for integration

Living in the city, away from home, the replacement is routine transport, usually between the bus, rental, subway center, bus cards, subway cards, etc. used interchangeably, very inconvenient, Consequently, the emergence of the city obviously people shouted card convenience.

Information age, business management are also constantly upgrading, in order to save manpower, time and streamline operating costs, a number of management software after another. Invoicing, HR, erp, crm, his, lis ...., Etc. In this case, new problems emerge.

For users, the memory for multiple applications, multiple username and pwd; access to multiple systems require multiple landing; for administrators, each application corresponds to a set of user management for a user, whether to add, delete, change , require multiple operations; each application has different rights management, complex operation to bring security risks. For applications, the application of information resources is not shared, the formation of information silos; application system authentication, access control security measures inadequate to meet the security needs can not affect the construction of the entire security system.

It is for the above three points, single sign-on system, there is a need is urgent.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on or SSO, the English full name of the Single Sign On, refer to the number of applications, users need only log on once to access all the applications of mutual trust. It includes the main log can be mapped to other applications for the same user login mechanism. It is the more popular solutions for enterprise business integration one.

Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Hanbang very through Single Sign ESSO (Enterprise Single Sign-On), is a leading support for C / S and B / S structure of the single sign-on system, but also for the development of domestic enterprises and status information The development of applications management software. Repeat the face of the user login, the system administrator tedious account management and system settings, as well as how to control user access rights and other issues, ESSO provides a complete solution, simplify the user's login process, while providing centralized and easy identity management, security, authentication mechanism, rights management and auditing, business information systems to meet the ease of use and safety management requirements.

Unlike other single sign-on products, ESSO application management is very flexible, through different levels of authentication security management, parameter configuration management, audit management, and convenient account management, etc. IT management. For example, ESSO not only supports multiple authentication methods, such as digital certificates, USB Key, dynamic password authentication, etc., while retaining the traditional static password authentication and other authentication methods such as text messaging, biometrics and other authentication reserved Interface to meet the business needs of the extended authentication.

ESSO single sign-on with solutions, by distribution platform, all applications will be deployed in a unified access platform, users can access through the Web means that all applications, to achieve a centralized management.

Users only need a password to access all applications; for administrators: As the password reduced, system administrators often need to help users reset your password, and therefore significantly decrease the cost of operational support; other system administrators a better way to manage user , including through direct prohibition and delete users to cancel the user access to all system resources.

Statistics show that esso single sign-on solution that will support the center costs by up to 25%. As the IT managers from the tedious work password reset transaction freed, you can have more time to pay attention to the company's overall IT development strategy for enterprise development, traffic flow.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Session of the value of the share in the JSP and

Specific to the Web in the Session refers to a user browsing a website, from the access site to close the browser after a period of time, that is, users browse the site by the time it takes. From the above definition, therefore, we can see, Session is actually a particular concept of time.

The value of Session between in JSP and what is the situation?

The beginning of this topic in the sequence of ideas is Session in order to save the binary data to the database, and then reads the database from the JSP deserialize binary data into Session object, and then be converted into Java's Session object, in the JAVA side conversion When an error, searched online data also failed to resolve, it uses an alternative approach.

Replace the idea of the way:

Login ASPX file, the login will succeed Session of the variable values saved to the database in a table, keyword use the Session object SessionID, and then create a ASPX file, check

Get the current logged-on user's SessionID, and use the redirection statement, go to the JSP file, the URL path requested format test.jsp? Aspnetsessionid = ffj12d455p0ujr45vdqwhh45, if not logged in or login is not successful, although there SessionID value, but the database is no data associated with the SessionID

Some readers may find that not test.jsp? Aspnetsessionid = ffj12d455p0ujr45vdqwhh45 the path of such requests can be completed, yes, you can use test.jsp? Userid = 1111 so the parties

Also pass a value type, of course, login userid is successful, the value obtained, but that some users can know the USERID (user ID) of this sensitive data.

The establishment of a table

鈼?table name:


鈼?field name:

鈼?id varchar (26) - store the SessionID

鈼?userid int (4) - store the user ID after a successful login

鈼?power int (4) - store the user's permission number

Session of the value in program source code fragment:

/ * After successful login, you can verify the following CODEING on the login ASPX page * / / / Record Session value to the database private void WriteSession2DB (string sessionID, string sUID, string sPWR) (/ / connect to the database code, readers add their own string sessID = sessionID; string strSQL = "insert into iis_session (id, userid, power) values (@ seionID, @ UID, @ PWR)"; / / webmod.sqlConn is the database connection object, and the reader into their own replacement The database connection SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand (strSQL, webmod.sqlConn); sqlCmd.Parameters.Add ("@ seionID", SqlDbType.VarChar). Value = sessID; sqlCmd.Parameters.Add ("@ UID", SqlDbType . Int). Value = Convert.ToInt32 (sUID.Trim ()); sqlCmd.Parameters.Add ("@ PWR", SqlDbType.Int). Value = Convert.ToInt32 (sPWR.Trim ()); sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery (); / / close the database connection, the reader Add) / * When the user exits the system, the corresponding database row data SessionID to delete, may be placed out of the page, or the Global.asax of Session_END process * / / / Remove Database Session value private void RemoveSession4DB () (/ / connect to the database code, the reader Add string sessID = Session.SessionID; string strSQL = "delete from iis_session where id = '" + sessID +"'"; / / webmod.sqlConn is the database connection object, readers replace their own database connection SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand (strSQL, webmod.sqlConn); sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery (); / / close the database connection, the reader Add) / * a redirect to the JSP the ASPX page, in the ASPX page PAGE_LOAD Add the following code * / private void Page_Load (object sender, System.EventArgs e) (string strSessionID = Session.SessionID.Trim (); String strRoot = " http://localhost/test.jsp?aspnetsessionid = "+ strSessionID; Response.Redirect (strRoot, true);)

Session of the value in the JSP source code fragment: Session Value UserID = "+ sUID +" H1>

"); Out.print (" Session Value Power = "+ sPower +" H1>

");) Rs.close (); db.dbConnClose ();%>

To this Session of the value of the share in the JSP and end on the first, although not a very good method, but can also be used, also to protect the user's sensitive data.

I will continue to consider the use of serialization and deserialization of the way to achieve shared between different Web languages Session object rather than the above, the value of sharing Session


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zhou Kaixuan: No sex woman in Hong Kong

TOM and EBAY's the deal finally happened, no way to guess in the end who played at the negotiating table a decisive role, but this time, the major site finally Zhou Kaixuan photos.

A few years ago, as a reporter, I interviewed Zhou Kaixuan, so interviewed, told reporters it was full of attraction: the legendary story, but has not been fully written off, the image is very good but the exposure rate is very low ... ... that interview I guess she is talking about the most personal one, although I write a little bit like to visit.

A few years later, I was Deng Yuqiang call, made a 3G portal (mobile landing, be returned to the Internet industry, this area has numerous eyebrows hero and heroine, but I've seen people Zhou Kaixuan is still the most glorious one.

Turned to find himself wrote the article, it seems that it can become a footnote of this great event.

Zhou Kaixuan Who?

Zhou Kaixuan is a masculine name, the owner is a graceful woman; Zhou Kaixuan the suffix, the most common is filled with awe, "Miss" or "the boss"; Zhou Kaixuan prefix, in the Hong Kong media is often the "Li Ka-shing's confidante, trusted assistant", in China the media often "TOM Group, who control behind the scenes," but no matter in which any media, any occasion, Zhou Kaixuan are always professional suits, fan-shaped鑰抽グ;鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬫槸澶浜虹洰鐫瑰叾浜嬶紝韬彈鍏跺奖鍝嶏紝鍗存湁鎰忛矞闂诲叾鍚嶇殑濂充汉锛氶泹瀹瑰崕璐电殑绌跨潃锛屼翰鍒囧緱浣撶殑涓炬锛岀編涓芥垚鐔熺殑闈㈠瓟锛屽綋鐒讹紝杩樻湁浼椾汉浠版厱鐨勮韩浠解? 鈥旀潕鍢夎瘹鍩洪噾浼氱殑钁d簨銆佷腑鍗庡叧鎬?泦鍥㈢殑鎷ユ湁鑰呫?棣欐腐鍒涗笟鏉夸笂鏈?ぇ鐨勫叕鍙糕?鈥擳OM.COM(8001.HK)鐨勭浜屽ぇ鑲′笢锛屼互鍙婂彟澶栨暟鐩笉璇︾殑鍏徃鎴栬祫浜ф墍鏈夎?銆?br />
銆?敤涓?欢澶т簨浣滃紑澶?br />
銆??鍦ㄥ寳浜暱瀹夎涓婏紝鍦板涓浗鏈?粍閲戝湴娈电殑涓滄柟鍚涙偊澶ч厭搴楋紝鏈凡绾﹀ソ鐨勯噰璁垮嵆灏嗗紑濮嬨?鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬭交鏉惧湴瑙e幓娌欏肪锛屽缓璁鑰呬滑閲囪濂归個璇锋潵璁叉紨鐨勮?绉戝瀹讹紝鈥滀粬鑾峰緱璇鸿礉灏旂墿鐞嗗濂栵紝80宀侀珮榫勶紝闈炲父椋庤叮鐨勩?鈥濋棬鍙o紝鏄疶OM浜掕仈缃戜簨涓氶儴鍓?瑁併?韬墜鐭仴鐨勫痉绫嶅コ淇濋晼绛変竴骞蹭汉锛屼粬浠笓蹇冪瓑鍊欙紝鍑濈灞忔皵銆?br />

銆??鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬩篃纭槸杩欓噷鐨勪富浜恒?1993骞达紝灏辨槸杩欎綅濂冲瓙锛屽氨鏄繖浣嶆鏃犲湴浜ф搷浣滅粡楠岀殑濂冲瓙锛屾彁鍑轰簡鍏ㄩ潰寮?彂鏂颁笢鏂瑰箍鍦鸿鍒掞紝骞剁敤鍗婂勾鏃堕棿锛岃縼璧颁簡闀垮畨琛椾笂20浣欎釜鍥藉閮ㄧ骇鍗曚綅銆?0浣欎釜甯傜骇鍗曚綅銆?00浣欎釜鍖虹骇鍗曚綅銆?800浣欐埛灞呮皯;鍙堝浼犺涓?牱锛屽湪鏌愪釜鏃╂櫒锛岀敤15鍒嗛挓鏃堕棿锛岃鏈嶆潕鍢夎瘹鍏堢敓涓烘椤圭洰鎶曚笅20浜跨編閲戯紝杞诲彇4浜挎腐甯佺殑閰姵銆?br />

銆??閭e嚑骞达紝澶勪簬鏈?晱鎰熷湴娈电殑涓滄柟骞垮満锛屼綔涓哄崕浜洪瀵屾潕鍢夎瘹鎶曡祫鐨勪簹娲叉渶澶х殑寤虹瓚缇ら」鐩紝鍘嗙粡闄堝笇鍚屻?鐜嬪疂妫椽姹″彈璐挎锛岄暱姹熷疄涓氳繍浣滃寳浜珮灞傜獊鐮村缓绛戦珮搴﹂檺鍒讹紝楹﹀綋鍔崇帇搴滀簳搴楁惉杩侊紝寮?彂涓挒瑙佸彜杩圭瓑涓?郴鍒楅娴紝宸ョ▼杩囩▼璧蜂紡鍙樺够锛屼簨鍐呬簨澶栫殑鐚滄祴锛屽浗鍐呭浗闄呯殑瑷?缁靛欢涓嶇粷锛屾病鏈変汉鐪熸鐭ラ亾鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬪埌搴曟槸濡備綍鍛ㄦ棆鍏朵腑锛屼竴涓?憜骞崇殑銆?br />

銆??杩欎欢鈥滆桨鍔ㄧ殑澶т簨鈥濇垚涓哄懆鍑棆鍙﹀涓?鐢熸椿鐨勫紑濮嬶紝姝ゅ悗锛屽ス鐨勭敓娲讳腑鏈?富瑕佺殑鍏冪礌灏遍兘鎴愪簡鈥滃ぇ浜嬧?銆?br />
銆??棣欐腐IT鎶曡祫鐑疆锛孴OM鍒涗笅鐨勬姇璧勭璇濅腑锛屽懆鍑棆鏄竴鐩存槸鏉庡槈璇氬厛鐢熸渶閲嶈鐨勫弬璋嬩紮浼达紝浠ヨ嚧浜庨娓?澹瑰懆鍒娿?鏇惧ぇ鍋氬ご鏉★細瀵岃豹鐭ュ繁鍔涙枟澶瓙銆俆OM鐨勮法濯掍綋鏀惰喘鎴樿溅锛屼竴璺粠涓撲笟缃戠珯鍒版埛澶栧箍鍛婏紝浠庢姤绾搞?鏉傚織鍒扮數瑙嗭紝鐩村埌浠婂ぉ灏氭湭瑙佺◢鏈夊仠姝㈢殑鏀惰喘姝ヤ紣涓紝鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬪伓闇茶韩褰憋紝閮芥槸鍦ㄦ渶閲嶈鐨勫喅绛栧叧澶淬?琚懆鍑棆閫変腑锛屽弬涓庢棭鏈烼鍗砊OM闆嗗洟浜掕仈缃戜簨涓氶儴)宸ヤ綔鐨勫ū涔愭槑鏄熸湵鏃惰寕鑷充粖杩樿寰?骞村墠鐨勨?鍛ㄨ?鏉库?锛氭?璺竻鏅帮紝鑱槑杩囦汉銆?br />


銆??鍦ㄥ箍宸炪?闈掑矝銆佹槅鏄庛?閮戝窞绛夌瓑鍩庡競澶ц涓婄瓑杞︾殑骞磋交浜猴紝涓嶄竴瀹氱煡閬撹韩杈圭殑璺墝骞垮憡鏄懆鍑棆鏀惰喘鍒癟OM闆嗗洟鐨?163.net鐢靛瓙淇$姣忓ぉ鏀跺彂鐫?暟浠ョ櫨涓囪鐨別-mail锛岀敤鎴蜂笉涓?畾鐭ラ亾杩欏鍏徃鏄懆鍑棆濮旀淳鐜嬪厽鏀惰喘鐨?缇婂煄鎶ヤ笟銆佷笁鑱斾功搴椼?鍗庡ū鐢佃銆侀浄闇嗘棤鏋佹父鎴忊?鈥﹁繖浜涘疄浣撴瘡澶╂瘡澶滈兘鍦ㄧ浉褰撶▼搴︿笂娴佽浆鐫?懆鍑棆鐨勯挶锛岃?濂规渶杩戝枩娆㈡姇璧勭殑鍒欐槸鍙よ懀銆傚氨杩炴渶鍒侀捇鐨勮鑰呴兘闂笉鍑哄ス鍒板簳鎶曡祫浜嗗灏戝鍏徃锛屸?鎴戜篃缁忓父浼氭嬁鎴戜俊寰楄繃鐨勪汉鐨勫悕涔夊幓鍋氫簺鍏朵粬鐨勪簨銆傗?鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬭銆備粎浠呭ス鍦═OM闆嗗洟鑲′唤鐨勫競鍊硷紝灏辨浘缁忚秴杩囦笂鐧句嚎娓厓銆?br />
銆??娌℃湁鎬у埆鐨勯娓コ浜?br />



銆??鐒惰?锛屾?鍒壒寰佸湪鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬬殑鐢熷懡鍘嗙▼涓殑鐗规畩鍚箟鏄皝涔熸棤娉曟姽鎺夌殑銆傚綋濂圭┛鐫?潫鑵板琛e拰钃濊壊鐭涓婂鐨勬椂鍊欙紝璺汉鐪嬪埌鐨勬槸棣欐腐鎷旇悆濂充功闄㈢殑灏忓鐢?褰撳ス鍦ㄦ境澶у埄浜氭柊鍗楀▉灏斿+澶у鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍚屽浠湅鍒扮殑鏄眴钄诲勾鍗庣殑濂崇暀瀛︾敓;褰撳ス鍦ㄤ笂涓栫邯90骞翠唬锛屼竴鍛ㄤ竴娆★紝寰?繑浜庡寳浜?棣欐腐鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍖椾含鐨勭敓鎰忎汉鐪嬪埌鐨勬槸棣欐腐鏉ョ殑濂虫墦宸ヤ粩銆?br />
銆??鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬪埌鐜板湪杩樺湪蹇垮靠涓嶅钩锛屸?閭f椂鍊欐垜涔熸槸涓鸿懀鍏堢敓杩欐牱鐨勫ぇ鍏徃鍋氫簨鎯呭晩锛屼絾浠栦滑灏辨槸瑙夊緱閭f椂鍊欐潵鍖椾含鐨勯娓汉锛屾槸鍦ㄩ娓贩涓嶄笅鍘绘墠鏉ュぇ闄嗙殑鈥樼煯浠斺?鈥斺?浣犵煡閬撳悧?棣欐腐楠備汉鐨勮瘽锛氱煯浠斺?鈥斾粬浠氨鏄寰楁垜浣庝汉涓?瓑!鈥?br />

銆??鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬬壒鍒笉鍠滄鎺ュ彈棣欐腐鏃跺皻浼犲獟鐨勮闂紝鍥犱负鈥滈娓鑰呯幇鍦ㄨ秺鏉ヨ秺鍙叧蹇冩垜绌夸粈涔堢墝瀛愮殑琛f湇浜嗏?銆傛瘡涓?釜鍦哄悎濂归兘鐢ㄨ亴涓氬瑁呮贰鍖栫潃鑷繁鐨勫コ鎬ц韩浠斤紝姣忎竴鍙ヨ█璁洪兘娌℃湁濂虫?鐨勫己璋冿紝鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬫槸鍦ㄨ鑷繁瑷?皥涓炬鐨勬瘡涓?釜淇″彿鍛婅瘔鍒汉锛氬繕璁拌嚜宸辩殑鎬у埆銆?br />




銆??鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬪姝ゅ苟涓嶈瑷?紝鑷澶氬勾浠ユ潵锛岃嚧鍔涗簬钁e缓鍗庡拰鏉庡槈璇氫箣闂达紝浣嗘槸鈥滄垜涓嶆槸浠栦滑鐨勯檮灞炵墿锛岃?鏄竴涓畬鍏ㄧ嫭绔嬬殑涓綋鈥濓紝鍛ㄥ嚡鏃嬬殑鍏崇郴鍝插鏄?涓嶆妸鍏崇郴鍋氭垚鍖呰⒈鈥濓紝杩欐牱鐨勫叧绯绘墠鑳借嚜鐒躲?寮哄.銆?br />

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good efficacy is the Man Manao out

A drug in the furnace burning, after fire emergency to the text Huoao. If it is heat of pumping until they pay back, fear of good medicine it is difficult to full effect. ERP implementation of the project like a Aoyao the process - the system on the line, does not mean the project's success, it means the Long March only the first step. To get a good implementation of the results, so business investment in the real return on information obtained maximize the return on a protracted war is inevitable.

First, companies need to conduct basic data for continuous improvement. ERP on-line at the beginning, the data allowed the situation is inevitable: the operation of staff from the strange to the need for a skilled process, in the process due to operator error will inevitably produce large amounts of garbage data; enterprise business processes to adapt the original the process of the new system will cause the system to produce useless or duplicate data; In addition, the system test in the work of some of the parameters of the actual business and corporate settings will produce a certain degree of deviation, business in the last line before the data and inadequate preparation are the result of inaccurate data reasons. ERP project to the enterprise is one of the biggest advantages of data accuracy and timeliness. If you do not pay attention after the data on-line proofing and improvement, ERP implementation of the project results will undoubtedly be affected.

Second, companies need new systems and in the ERP business processes running on the original efforts. ERP system, business process management is the real core of real skill. After on-line ERP, enterprises can start with the system in manual mode in parallel to ensure the smooth functioning of business processes, and then gradually put aside the manual way, fully integrated into the information flow. Also worth noting is, ERP system is not simply to speed up the existing business processes, it tends to change the structure of the original business process. For instance, ERP can make a lot of stylized work (such as: automatic orders) All automatic, so employees can directly participate in procurement, changes in the original work, also will move the original functions. These are the ERP on-line adaptation after the needs of enterprise and innovation of patient, not quick.

Third, companies need to keep an eye ERP software updates and upgrades. Technology advances, changing market conditions, development times, these decisions of the ERP software itself, the need for optimization and upgrading, otherwise it can not represent the most advanced management thinking may even become an obstacle to business development reaction. Good ERP software vendors usually have a strong follow-up software R & D capabilities, focusing on software updates and new versions of R & D to enable the software to maintain the most advanced state. Yue Ling of Taiwan business software, for example, the introduction of "winners Edition", "Professional Edition" and other versions, the recently launched more powerful and more suitable for practical operation of the "Smart.e23 Enterprise Edition", and will be in July In the middle of Shanghai, Kunshan and Suzhou, a large-scale product exhibitions. For businesses, it should be for a long time, and actively concerned about the information in a timely manner for their own version of ERP software upgrade or update, use the advantages of information technology will play to the maximum.

The need to work on the line after companies in the ERP long-term effort, it said, ERP project implementation is a slow process effective in Aoyao, ERP effectiveness of information technology needs of enterprises of persistence and perseverance to ensure that.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Cottage" toxic

What is the cottage?

This has been a difficult thing was clear. A thousand lips seem to have a thousand "cottage" and even some cottage and suffer for criticizing the "tile" of the people, they might even suffer brick Why no understand: You say the cottage is a fake, people said that this represents grass-roots culture, and you say cottage is a copy, they said this is an imitation of innovation. More complex.

But the complexity of things, it may look simple, no matter how he has been extended, the most simple "view" is in the Google search about the cottage, cottage to see what are the existence of specific forms. I tried it, Lian Fan a few pages of search results, find the "form in" listed as follows: cottage mobile phones, notebook cottage, cottage Spring Festival Evening, cottage version of the Sony VAIO, cottage LCD TV ... ...

There is a common law, is the current "cottage" will own the field with a "mainstream" corresponds to: cottage phone - genuine brand mobile phones; cottage Sony VAIO - genuine Sony VAIO; cottage Spring Festival Gala - CCTV Spring Festival Evening ... ... that "cottage" dependency "mainstream" and there was not excessive.

Interestingly, in a cottage website topic, the most eye-catching main article, illustrates this very question: "After work I went into a Chinese supermarket, an array of goods: baby Ha, rabbits, pulse robbery ... ... Ha, there are ugly Liquid food too! the home for the elderly want to buy bottles of melatonin, a closer look, turned white whole brain, but fortunately did not tell the whole brain white, bad things were scolded filial generations the. night Paoshang first bucket of instant noodles Kang Shuai Fu , Hong eating melon seeds Mercedes rule, I can open the cat color TV, 'Jay' is doing the ad: 'Ben happiness Avenue, to the 脳 脳 technical schools'! "

Most of the "cottage" are ultimately behind the simulation of the "mainstream", so if people say that the cottage is a grass-roots, is "decentralized," then on the contrary, that the mainstream of "matching" and "imitation" just not going to center, but to strengthen the center, the objective is changed a "green leaf" approach even behind the center; precisely reflect the marginalized groups to the center, to "mainstream" close to the strong demand.

I do not think China is more confident because of the cottage, but that is in the low-cost imitation of the mainstream even more confident.

Cottage is not a grass-roots - the roots let their roots grow into the best it wants to, He Bijiang seeking big tree. The real roots of contrary Guo Degang type of innovation, he said piece is not like season also like Jiang Kun. Roots is the best roots themselves, need not be "cottage"; best decentralized, that is, made their own center!

It can be said, the cottage culture and seriously confused with the grass-roots culture of innovation and not necessarily related simulation! Or businesses can not simulate innovation, just copy, in the present context where character cottage is still losing!

Although the "cottage" to an inferior position in the market, businesses have opened up a "countryside surrounding cities" of roads, a huge commercial value, but also to admit that cottage is toxic. Toxic things, the use of appropriate drugs can do, like Stephen Chow movie, opened up with gas Renduermai; but toxic, after all, toxicity, a slight slip is also dangerous.

For example, a violation of commercial law, promote the brand cottage culture way, it tends to brand imitation, it is tantamount to place himself in the shadow of trees leading brands, are businessmen taboo. China's business environment, had no shortage of commercial copy, we often see, instead of protecting intellectual property rights, but the name of anti-monopoly signs, resistance to patent or trademark protection.

"Cottage" of toxicity, including giving people more of an excuse to stand on "culture" a high degree of expansion of the gray areas of intellectual property.

If the cottage of the word of mouth is the early "earth wolf machine" by improving quality, while maintaining low cost, out of step by step to do. Then to various other cottage industry "spread" when, in addition to entertainment, the "new cottage," they face, and if they can not effectively reduce the toxicity of the cottage, then the "cottage" of the downtown is very fragile.

When, Google's "cottage" search results that can truly break away from the field with their "mainstream" of the matching and imitation, the cottage be considered as people admire the "true grass-roots" and "true innovation" again!


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zhongguancun promoting "police facial"

Just access to a computer store, there are a bunch of people blocking, warm inviting consumers to their store to see "the Zhongguancun cheapest products," the phenomenon of this solicitation to purchase IT products to consumers in Zhongguancun troublesome. Yesterday, Dragon introduced the uniform uniforms and uniform work card system for posts, to see salespeople who work card color will know that he is not part of the regular sales staff.

14, in the Dragon computer stores in that building all the sales staff to wear uniform work cards can be carried out in the stores and sales-related behavior. Workers clearly marked on the card company of the sales floor, and his own store, working with a different color card is also a distinction between the level of the sales staff, such as general sales representative of gray, blue for store manager. Dragon relevant responsible person said that the introduction of computer stores work card, the provisions of the sales staff's activities on the stores in the "black Shopping guide" and "touting" the phenomenon of inhibition can play, if found irregularities, managers can where the sales staff to conduct on-site and punishment.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

C2C has to eat free meals

This year is destined for network operators has both happy and sad year.

Beijing Industry and Commerce launched the new Online Shop must be done according to regulations, the net resistance of the voice issue by consensus, and some network operators have even started closing shop dumped goods. Although because of the Olympic cycle, this policy is not strong push, but after the Olympics, will re-start is hard to forecast strong.

Introduced one after another.

Recent Taobao and Baidu recurring disputes, but at this time node is very subtle: October Taobao commitment to on-line shop 5 years free of the forthcoming expiry of the time, but in the future it is charged, the current Taobao has not made it clear; while Baidu's C2C platform has entered the final phase of closed beta, on-line soon. Be exposed to the recent Taobao shielding Baidu spiders crawl the issue, Baidu introduced immediately for specific measures: three-year free period, and green channels to attract Taobao sellers moved to Baidu.

C2C platform for free is really a magic weapon for defeating the enemy. History so similar, network operators would not forget 5 years ago, in the face occupy the C2C market share of 90% of eBay, Taobao in October 2003 with the slogan of free 5 years into the highly competitive field of C2C e-commerce.鍏嶈垂绛栫暐甯姪娣樺疂鐢ㄤ簡3骞存椂闂村氨鍑绘簝鏄撹叮鎴愪负琛屼笟鑰佸ぇ锛屽幓骞存窐瀹濆叏骞寸綉涓婃垚浜ら宸茶揪433浜垮厓锛屽崰鎹?0%鐨勫競鍦轰唤棰濄?濡備粖鍏嶈垂鏈熷嵆灏嗗埌鏈燂紝姝e綋娣樺疂瑕佷韩鍙楄儨鍒╂灉瀹炵殑鏃跺?锛岀獊鐒舵潃鍑轰互浜哄伐骞查鎼滅储瑙侀暱鐨勭櫨搴﹂噸鏂扮キ鍑哄厤璐圭墝锛岀‘瀹炶鎴樺眬鏇村姞娣蜂贡銆?br />
銆??娣樺疂鍜岀櫨搴﹁繎鏈熷張鏄0鏄庯紝鍙堟槸鍒╄锛岃缃戝晢鐪艰姳缂贡銆傚叾瀹炲钩鍙颁贡鐐癸紝绔炰簤婵?儓鐐癸紝瀵圭綉鍟嗘槸濂戒簨鍎裤?鐧惧害鐨勬潃鍑猴紝鑷冲皯浣挎窐瀹濆湪鑰冭檻鏄惁鏀惰垂鐨勬椂鍊欒鎯充竴鎯崇綉鍟嗙殑鎰熷彈銆傚鏋滀袱瀹堕兘鍏嶈垂锛岀綉鍟嗗彲浠ヨ?铏戝湪娣樺疂鍜岀櫨搴﹂兘寮?簵锛屽弽姝g綉鍟嗗湪涔庣殑鏄嚜宸辩殑閿?噺銆?br />
銆??鍦ㄦ繁涓?鑰冮噺锛岄攢閲忔墠鏄綉鍟嗕笉鏂.澶х殑鏍规湰锛岃?骞冲彴鏄惁鍏嶈垂锛屽苟涓嶆槸鏈?富瑕佺殑鍐冲畾鍥犵礌銆傚綋骞存窐瀹濆厤璐癸紝绛変簬鍩硅偛浜咰2C杩欎釜澶у競鍦猴紝濡備粖甯傚満宸茬粡鍏绘垚缃戜笂璐墿鐨勪範鎯紝杩欐椂锛屾墿澶х綉搴楅攢閲忔墠鏄綉鍟嗙珵浜夌殑鏍规湰銆?br />
銆??浠庤繖涓搴︽潵鐪嬬櫨搴﹀拰娣樺疂鐨勭珵浜夋墠鏇村叿浠峰?銆傛窐瀹濆皝鏉?櫨搴︾埇铏繀鐒朵細褰卞搷鍒扮櫨搴︿粠娣樺疂鍗栧鑾峰緱鐨勭珵浠锋帓鍚嶇殑鏀跺叆锛屽悓鏃朵篃浼氬噺灏戠櫨搴﹁兘澶熸悳绱㈠埌娣樺疂鐩稿叧缃戦〉鐨勬暟閲忋?瀵规窐瀹濇潵璇达紝灏佹潃鐧惧害鐖櫕锛屽繀鐒朵細鍑忓皯閫氳繃鐧惧害缁欐窐瀹濈綉甯︽潵鐨勬祦閲忥紝涔熺浉搴斾細鍑忓皯鍗栧鐨勬垚浜ゃ?鍥犳锛屾娆″皝鏉?簨浠跺涓ゅ閮芥湁涓嶅埄褰卞搷銆傛湁涓撳璁や负锛岄泦涓簿鍔涘仛鑷繁鏈?己鍔跨殑椤圭洰鎵嶆槸绔炰簤鐨勪笂绛栥?娣樺疂铏界劧涓嶈兘鍨勬柇C2C甯傚満锛屼絾姣曠珶鏄涓氳?澶э紝鐢ㄦ埛涔熶範鎯簡娣樺疂鍝佺墝锛岃?鐧惧害鐨勪紭鍔垮氨鏄悳绱㈠拰骞垮憡銆傛帉鎻′簡杩欎袱涓叧閿紝缃戝晢灏变細鍦ㄧ悍涔辩殑骞冲彴绔炰簤涓紝瀛︿細濡備綍鍒╃敤瀵规柟鐨勪紭鍔挎潵鍋氳嚜宸辩殑鐢熸剰銆?br />


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